Middlebury Friends Meeting

Welcome to Middlebury Friends Meeting. We are glad that you have come to join us in Quaker Worship. We believe there is “that of God” in every person. This principle guides us in our worship as well as in how we live our lives. We respect and honor differences within individuals and groups. Because of this belief we always seek ways to resolve conflict and to practice alternatives to all violent actions, including war.

Our Meeting is what is known as an unprogrammed Meeting. This means that worship
is led by the Spirit out of the silence. Quakers believe that we are all ministers and vessels through which the Spirit speaks. We settle into worship with the practice of “centering down,” which means sitting in expectant silence and opening ourselves to listen for the “still small voice of God” that dwells with in each of us.

The Light within may move some to speak or share a message. Speaking in Meeting, or “vocal ministry,” does not always happen, but when it does, it arises from an inward spiritual prompting that is insistent, direct, and difficult to resist. By waiting before we speak we make sure that the message is inspired by the Spirit and has ripened into ministry.

Middlebury Friends Meeting has developed some unique practices. Within the first few minutes of our worship hour, we hold a Healing Circle during which we are invited to mention the names of people whom we wish to hold in the Light, imagining each person whole in all ways and supported by a community of caring Friends. Once a month, instead of a Healing Circle, someone reads a Query or Advice on such topics as family life, worship, service, or the peace testimony.

Children are always welcome in our Meeting. Children usually stay in Meeting for Worship for the first few minutes before they leave for their First Day School program or toddler
care, supervised by a member of our Meeting. All children are welcome to join as they feel comfortable. We find the sounds of infants in Meeting add to the quality of worship and to the sure knowledge of our closeness to the holiness of life.

At the close of Meeting we join hands, after which we go around the circle to introduce ourselves and make announcements. We invite you to visit with us afterward for refreshments and fellowship. You are welcome to join us for any of our activities anytime. If you have questions feel free to ask any of us. Literature about the Society of Friends (Quakers) is also available.

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