When Friends feel led by the Spirit to engage in work relating to an issue of concern to
them for which they require personal financial assistance,financial support may be
available from the Meeting.The Meeting must be in unity that the proposal is accom-
plishing the work of the Meeting or other Quaker organizations,or that the work
exemplifies the principles of Quakerism.If the Meeting determines that the necessary
funds are beyond the means or outside the scope of the Meeting's regular budget,the
following procedure is recommended.

1) An initial request to establish a special fund for an individual project is made to
Meeting for Business.

2) In the event that Business Meeting determines that the project is beyond the means
or outside the scope of the regular Meeting budget, an Oversight Committee is ap-
pointed by the Clerk of the Meeting to assist the individual(s) in preparing a written

3) A written proposal is prepared under the guidance of the Oversight Committee and
submitted to Meeting for Business outlining the nature and scope of the work, an
estimated budget, and the time frame in which it will be accomplished.

4) When the proposal is submitted to Meeting for Business,the individual(s) will make
the presentation and answer any questions of the Meeting.

5) In cases where the Meeting approves the project, a formal minute will be prepared
stating the decision of the Meeting.

6) All special funds will be fully reported by the Treasurer and reflected in the monthly
financial reports. The Special Funds will be held in a Meeting bank account, but
segregated on the books of account so that it is clear that the funds are separate from
the Meeting's normal operating budget.

7) If the proposal is approved, the Oversight Committee will continue to offer support
and guidance to the individual(s) through the completion of the work. If it is not
approved, the Committee will meet with the individual(s) if requested to seek further
clarity on how and whether to proceed.

8) A written report with a financial accounting of how the funds were used will be
prepared under the guidance of the Oversight Committee and will be submitted to
Meeting for Business at the completion of the work, or, in the case of longer projects, at
regular intervals as determined by the Oversight Committee.